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I am a Canadian theatre-maker, clown, drag king, puppeteer, actor and teaching artist currently based in California.

My most recent projects include my character Dap Hickory from Steers 'n' Queers, a romping queer country musical; performing at various festivals across the US, and a forthcoming production at the Giant Puppet Festival in New Orleans.

My training in physical theatre, which includes a sturdy foundation in voice work, has made me interested in the wisdom of the body at the forefront of the creative process. 

My work is rooted in fully transformational characters with stories that must be heard on stage. Whether playing in the realms of comedy, tragedy, or in between, I always seek to bring truth and heart to the work.  

Through commitment to the work, we transform.

Through transformation of ourselves, we connect - to ourselves, to the audience.

Though connection, we challenge the cult of individualism. We see ourselves and one another. We create change.

I completed an MFA in Ensemble-Based Physical Theatre from Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre in December, 2020, where I was awarded a Calgary Animated Objects Society Scholarship. My studies at Dell'Arte included several years training and performance experience in mask, acrobatics, clown, dance, voice, Commedia dell'Arte, and more. In 2011, I received a BA in First Nations Studies and Human Geography  from UBC.

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