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We all have a body, we all have a story to tell, we are all capable of transformation both on and off stage. 

My background includes community-based arts and volunteer work in diverse communities around the globe, including over 15 years working with youth and children. I believe that the performing arts is a means for communities to have agency over their own stories, to nurture the confidence and creativity, and to further empower themselves. I am constantly inspired by the creativity, ingenuity and resilience of the communities I serve.  

My approach to teaching has been shaped by my physical theatre training and performance experience. I use exercises and techniques designed to develop the students’ abilities to express character and story physically; emphasizing availability, kinaesthetic response, gesture, voice, relationship, and timing, to name a few. When focusing on vocal work, I employ Linklater-based techniques that investigate breath, support, placement, and freeing the voice.


As a teaching artist, my goal is for each student to feel physically prepared to freely and fully express their unique artistic perspectives.

See Resume and CV section for more details. Or contact me!

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Inaugural Arts in Corrections Gala with Pelican Bay State Prison arts students and Dell'Arte students. Photo courtesy of Pelican Bay State Prison. 


2019 Creamery Arts Festival Youth Pageant, Arcata, CA. Photo by Mark Larson Photography.

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